Transfer Customer Points

Transfers points from one customer account to another customer account by validating the OTP issued for the points transfer.

  • Rate limiter controls the number of incoming and outgoing traffic of a network
  • Authentication verifies the identity of the current user or integration.
    See Introduction > Authentication (Merchant Setup on Admin Portal) for more details

Body Parameter

pointsToBeTransferredNumber of points to be transferred.
programIdProgram ID from which points has to be transferred.
fromCustomerIdentifierDetails of source customer - customer that wants to transfer points.
toCustomerIdentifierDetails of destination customer - customer to whom the points have to be transferred.
notesSpecify the reason or any notes for this points transfer.
codePass the OTP received by the fromCustomer for the current points transfer. To issue OTP, use either /isPointsTransferreable or /issuePointsTransferOtp.

fromCustomerIdentifier and toCustomerIdentifier Object Parameters

typeCustomer identifier type.
Values: ID (user id of the customer), MOBILE, EXTERNAL_ID, EMAIL.
valueThe value of the specified identifier.
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