Get Goodwill Requests

Retrieves the history of goodwill points of a customer.

Query parameters

currencyId*longPass the unique ID of the customer whose goodwill request details you want to fetch.
requestIdlongUnique id of the goodwill request that you want to fetch.
is_one_step_changebooleanPass true to fetch goodwill points or coupon requests that are issued instantly (one step issual).
programIdintGet requests of a specific loyalty program. Pass the unique loyalty program ID.
autoApprovebooleanPass true to fetch requests that are auto-approved - without the involvement of the back-end team.

Response parameters

limitThe limit of items displayed on the current page.
offsetThe starting point from which items are displayed (used for pagination).
totalThe total number of items available across all pages.
idThe unique identifier of the item.
addedByInformation about the user who added the item.
updatedByInformation about the user who last updated the item.
enteredByInformation about the user who entered the item (may not be present in all items).
addedOnTimestamp of when the item was added.
updatedOnTimestamp of when the item was last updated.
userIdThe unique identifier of the user associated with the item.
requestIdThe unique identifier of the request associated with the item.
goodwillTypeThe type of goodwill.
goodwillStatusThe current status of the goodwill request.
commentsComments or remarks associated with the item.
reasonReason associated with the goodwill request.
approvedValueValue that was approved (only available if the goodwillStatus is "APPROVED").
updatedCommentsUpdated comments or remarks associated with the item.
oneStepBoolean value indicating if the request is one step or not.
warningsList of any warnings related to the request/response.
errorsList of any errors related to the request/response.
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