Add Product

Allows you to add product to the inventory.


Enabling OU support for product entities

To enable OU support for product entities, you need to create a JIRA ticket and enable the config CONF_OU_LEVEL_PRODUCTS_ENABLED. For more information, see Configuring Organisation Unit (OU) support for product entities.

Request Body Parameters

product*array-objlist of products to add.
sku*stringSKU of the product to add.
eanstringEuropean article number of the product.
price*doublePrice of the product.
descriptionstringBrief description of the product.
returnablebooleanPass true if the item is allowed to return post purchase. You also need to mention returnableDays. Default value is false.
returnableDaysintNumber of days in which the item can be returned after purchasing. Default value is -1 (no limit).
long_descriptionstringDetailed description of the product.
ou_codestringIdentification code of the organisation unit. This is applicable only if OU support for product inventory is enabled. For more information, see OU support for product inventory.
img_urlstringURL of the product image.
sizeobjSize of the product in name:value pairs.
styleobjProduct style in name:value pairs.
typestringSize type.
brandobjPass a valid brand name (as per the database) of the product.
colorobjPass a valid product color (as per the database) .
categoryobjPass a valid product category name ((as per the database).
attributesobjOther product attributes in name-value pairs.


Parameters marked with * are mandatory. Values of product attributes such as style, size, brand, type, color, and category should have been configured for the org. You can set these on the Organization Settings page on InTouch.

Response Parameters

item_idlongUnique ID of the product generated by the system.
namestringName of the entry.
labelstringUI name of the specific entry (style, color, category, brand)
added_ondate-timeDate and time of the product addition.
descriptionstringDescription of the specific entry as in the database.
ou_codestringIdentification code of the organisation unit.
ou_idIntegerIdentification number of the organisation unit.
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