Get Customer Image

Lets you set a customer’s profile image.


Make sure you have the appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Query parameter

Query ParameterDescription
embedIt specifies additional data to be embedded in the API response. In this case, it is set to include the "CUSTOMERIMAGE".
sourceIt indicates the source from which the request originated. Here, the source is identified as "INSTORE".
accountIdIt is used to specify the account ID in context, presumably the account ID of the customer to be retrieved.

Response parameters

codeThe HTTP status code of the response.
fileContains information about the uploaded file.
file.aclThe access control level of the file.
file.fileHandleThe unique identifier for the file.
file.lastModifiedThe last modified date and time of the file.
file.latestVersionThe latest version number of the file.
file.nameThe name of the file.
file.namespaceThe namespace in which the file is stored.
file.s3TokenThe S3 token for the file.
file.versionThe version number of the file.
messageA human-readable message regarding the operation.
statusThe status of the operation (true/false).
warningsAny warnings that occurred during the operation.
errorsAny errors that occurred during the operation.
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