Get Lead Details

Retrieves the details of leads created in an org. You can use filter parameters to get personalized results.


To enable a specific language support for an org, contact the Platforms team to get the translations added to the database and activate translations for the org.

Query parameter

userIdGet leads of a specific customer. Pass the user ID of the customer.
statusGet leads of a specific status.
substatusGet leads by lead sub-status.
ownerFetch leads assigned to a specific associate.
limitLimit the number of results to retrieve.
offsetNumber of rows (as per the data entered into the table) that you want omit from showing.
entityTypeGet leads of a specific entity. You also need to pass the entityCode accordingly.
entityCodePass the code of the respective entityType.

Response parameter

idintUnique identifier for the lead.
userIdlongUser ID associated with the lead.
typestringType of the lead (e.g., SKU).
leadForstringDescription of what the lead is for.
statusstringCurrent status of the lead.
nextFollowUpstringScheduled date and time for the next follow-up.
createdOnstringDate and time when the lead was created.
createdBylongUser ID of the person who created the lead.
lastUpdatedOnstringDate and time when the lead was last updated.
lastUpdatedBylongUser ID of the person who last updated the lead.
followUpDetailsarrayDetails of the follow-up activities.
statusLogDetailsarrayDetails of the status log activities.
orgSourceIdintOrganization source ID.
extendedFieldsobjectAdditional extended fields related to the lead.
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