Update Identifier/Issue Card

Lets you add/remove identifiers or loyalty cards of a registered customer across sources. You can also issue card to a customer.

Use Case - loyalty cards of a customer across sources can be added or removed.

Identifiers: mobile, email, externalId, wechat, martjackId, fbId, tmall_uname, cuid, ali_uname, jd_uname, vip_uname, line.

Limitations of the customer identifier update API:

  • Only identifiers can be updated using this API
  • Identifiers should be unique within a source for single account sources and unique within an account for multiple account sources.
  • If an identifier that you add already exists in a different source/account, the account will be automatically merged into the existing account maintaining different entries of each source. The new account will be a victim account and the existing account is a survivor account.


  • Valid customer identifier(s) that you want to add to the existing account


The new identifier that you want to update should be unique across the source (for sources with single accounts) and unique across the account (for sources with multiple accounts).

Request Body Parameters

add**objNew identifier that you want to add to the existing account. Pass the identifiers as a key value pair.
{“type": "wechat", "value": "TS11"}
remove**objExisting Identifier that you want to remove from the specified account. {"type": "email", "value": "
type*enumType of the identifier that you want to add or remove. Value: cardnumber, email, mobile, wechat, cardnumber.
value*stringValue of the specified type. For `cardnumber, enter a valid card number. Refer to the documentation for information on creating and adding a new card to a card series here.
If the type is email, pass the email ID you want to add or remove in value.
seriesIdintEnter the card series to which the card belongs.
statusLabelstringNew custom status label of the card. The value has to a status label name added across each standard status. Required for card issual.
Parameters marked with * are mandatory and any one among the parameters marked with ** is required.
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