Customer (Lookup)

Customer Lookup is an extension to normal customer APIs. Here, instead of identifying a customer using userId, you can use registered identifiers like mobile number, email ID, external ID, card number to update or fetch customer details.

Customer Lookup is an extension to normal customer APIs where instead of fetching or updating details using customer ID, you can use registered identifiers like mobile number, email ID, external ID, card number and so on in /customer/lookup.

Status Codes

This section provides the list of success codes, error codes, and warning codes of the customers resource.

Success Codes

1000Customer registered successfully.
Customer retrieved successfully.
Subscription updated successfully.
Subscription retrieved successfully.
Customer updated successfully.
Coupons retrieved successfully.
Customer notes added/updated successfully.
Customer notes retrieved successfully.
Customer preferences retrieved successfully.
Customer preferences updated successfully.
Referral statistics retrieved successfully.
Referrals are invited successfully.
1040Customer id change request has submitted successfully.
1061Customer recommendations fetched successfully.
1050Customer recommendations fetched successfully.
1052Transactions fetched successfully.
1300Ticket retrieved successfully.
Ticket added successfully.

Error Codes

400Input is invalid. Please check request parameters or input xml/json; No identifier provided to get loyalty users.
500All requests failed due to errors.
618Not allowed - customer is marked as fraud.
816Customer not found for organization.
1001Unable to register. Invalid mobile number.
1002Unable to register. Invalid email id.
1003Unable to register. Invalid external id.
1004Failed to populate store.
1006Unable to register. Mobile number is required.
1007Unable to register customer. No valid primary identifier mobile number, email ID, or external ID passed.
1008Unable to register with external id.
1009Unable to add registered customer to MLM.
1010Unable to update loyalty points of the customer.
1011Cannot find customer for provided identifier.
1012Cannot find customer with the provided mobile number/external ID/e-mail ID.
1013Customer is not registered for the loyalty Program.
1014Customer is registered already.
1015No identifier provided to get loyalty users.
1016Unable to register. Email provided already exists for some other user.
1017Provided Custom Field is invalid.
1018Unable to update custom field.
1019Mobile number or external id is required along with the email Id to register.
1020The customer is not registered for loyalty program.
1021Invalid validation code.
1023Unable to register customer to loyalty program.
1024Unable to update customer profile.
1025Mandatory fields are not matching for customer identity update.
1026Count of optional fields match is less than required.
1027Field name provided for verification is invalid.
1028No customer notes are available.
1029Unable to retrieve customer preferences.
1030Unable to update customer preferences.
1031No preferences set for this customer.
1032A customer already exists with the same mobile number.
1033A customer already exists with the same external id.
1034Unable to register. Registration date is not within the allowed past or future date limit.
1035Unable to update few customer preferences.
1036One or more notes could not be added/updated for customer.
1037Unable to add/update customer notes.
1039Unable to register. Email ID is required.
1041Customer id change request failed.
1042Invalid mobile no/email id/external id.
1043Unable to register. Customer’s external id is required.
1044You do not have sufficient permission to view the customer details.
1045No valid identifier (mobile/email) passed for non-loyalty customer.
1046Conversion of loyalty customer to non-loyalty is not allowed.
1047Customer's primary identifier not matching with other identifiers.
1048Customer’s email id is required to convert to loyalty customer.
1049Customer’s external id is required to convert to loyalty customer.
1051No transactions or recommendations found for the customer.
1059Error in customer registration. Email or Mobile is required.
1060Batch limit exceeded.
1062Invalid Test & Control status.
1088Unable to issue points. Please report to capillary support.
1099Unable to fetch tracker data for the customer.
1101Invalid channel type.
1102Invalid priority type.
1103Invalid scope.
1104Invalid identifier or no identifier passed.
1105Multiple scopes are not allowed.
1106Invalid subscription status passed.
1107Invalid campaign id passed.
1108Invalid outbox id passed.
1109Unable to add, update or fetch subscription details.
1150Invalid store ID passed.
1110Unable to update subscription details.
1222Internal error occurred with the referral system.
1202Invalid campaign token.
1203Invalid campaign configured.
1204The customer may not be eligible for the referral program.
1205Unable to find the referrer in the specific campaign.
1206Failed to add referral. Referral type is not supported.
1212Invalid entity type passed.
1213Invalid programId passed in request.
1214startDate is after endDate.
1215{x} cannot be a past date.
1216The date format used for {x} is not supported. Enter the the date in (YYYY-MM-DD) format.
1217Date mentioned is a far future date. {x} cannot be after 100 years from now.
1222Internal error occurred with the referral system.
1301A ticket already exists with the same subject.
1302Ticket registration failed.
1303Ticket subject should not be empty.
8011Invalid source account passed.
8013Customer identifier is invalid. Also check if the parameter identifierName is passed correctly.
8015No customer found with the given identifier.
8045Account id is not passed.
8065No customer found in the given source with the given identifier.
8089Customer not registered for the Loyalty Program.
10001Failed to add customer.
10002Failed to update customer details.
91009Retrieved survivor account for the requested merge victim.
91010Downgrade strategy is not configured.
91020Invalid TILL passed for registration.
91021Invalid attribution TILL passed.
91022Failed to update subscription for {x} channel and priority {y}.

Warning Codes

1053Preferred store specified is not found.
91001Failed to get point details.
91002Failed to get subscription details.
91003Failed to validate.
91004Failed to get segmentation details.
91005{x} is primary identifier and cannot be updated.
91006{x} update is not allowed.
91007Failed to register. {x} already exists for some other user.
91011Customer is already in the lowest slab.
91012Customer is already in the highest slab.
91013Call to Points Engine for tier upgrade criteria has failed {x}.
91014Call to Points Engine for tier renewal criteria has failed {x}.
91015Failed to update extended fields; or field {x} length too long.
91016WECHAT profile is not available for the customer.
91017WEB_ENGAGE profile is not available for the customer.
91018Unable to load WeChat notifications.
91019Unable to load Web Engage notifications.