Add transaction request

The transaction request API allows you to raise a transaction request.

API endpoint

curl: https://{host}/v2/requests

Request body parameters

typeStringThe type of the transaction, in this case, "TRANSACTION."
baseTypeStringThe base type of the transaction, in this case, "REGULAR_TXN_ADD."
customerIdentificationInfoObjectContains customer identification information, including the identifier type (externalId), identifier value, and source (INSTORE).
transactionObjectContains details about the transaction, such as type, billing date, bill number, discounts, bill amount, gross amount, delivery status, payment modes, custom fields, and line items.
typeStringThe type of the transaction, in this case, "REGULAR."
billingDateStringThe billing date in ISO 8601 format, e.g., "2022-12-13T11:58:18+05:30."
billNumberStringThe bill number associated with the transaction, e.g., "4113641."
discountStringThe discount amount, e.g., "0."
billAmountStringThe total bill amount, e.g., "21."
noteStringAdditional notes or comments for the transaction, if any.
grossAmountStringThe gross amount of the transaction, e.g., "21."
deliveryStatusStringThe delivery status of the transaction, e.g., "SHIPPED."
paymentModesArrayAn array of objects containing details about the payment modes used in the transaction.
customFieldsObjectContains custom fields related to the transaction, e.g., "paymentmode," "vendor_name," and "added_on."
lineItemsV2ArrayAn array of objects containing details about individual line items in the transaction, including item codes, descriptions, amounts, rates, quantities, and discounts.
imagesArrayAn array of objects representing images related to the transaction, including file names, serial numbers, namespaces, and providers.


createdIdTransaction request id
warningsWarnings, if any.
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