Create Promotion

Lets you create any type of cart/catalog promotion.

Request Body Parameters

namestringUnique name of the promotion.
orgIdintUnique ID of the org associated with the promotion.
priorityintPriority of the promotion. 1 is for have highest priority and the highest value will have the least priority.
activebooleanPass true to activate the promotion, false to make make it inactive.
messageLabelstringDescription of the promotion
typeenumType of the promotion. Value: POS, CUSTOMER, EARNING, CODE, REWARD.
condition.typeenumType of the condition. Value: CART, PRODUCT, COMBO_PRODUCT, TENDER.
condition.cartCondition.kpienumsCondition defined for the KPI. Value: SUBTOTAL, ITEMCOUNT.
condition.cartCondition.operatorenumsOperator used in the condition. EQUALS, GREATER_THAN, GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL, LESS_THAN, LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL.
condition.cartCondition.valuestringValue of the condition.
action.typeenumsType of the action or reward. Value: FIXED_PRICE, CART_BASED, PRODUCT_BASED, FREE_PRODUCT, TENDER, PER_UNIT.
action.cartBasedAction.typeenumType of the action or reward. Value: PERCENTAGE, ABSOLUTE.
action.cartBasedAction.valuestringValue of the action type or reward
earnLimitedToSpecificAudiencebooleanWhether the customer needs to be earned before unlock
modeenumMode of the promotion created. Values: DISCOUNT, PAYMENT_VOUCHER
maxIssuancePerCustomerfloatMax promotion that can be issued to a customer
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