Get Customer Details

Retrieves the details of a customer from a specific source. Use embed to other parameters to fetch specific details required.

Retrieves details of a specific customer such as:

  • profile information – first name, last name, registered date, registered at TILL
  • recent profile updated – details of the recent update in profile information
  • registered identifiers, communication channels
  • loyalty information – loyalty status, registered date, purchases, etc.
  • Multiple Loyalty Program Details: Program wise details if the org has multiple loyalty programs support
  • Customer image

To fetch customer details from a specific account of a source (source with multiple accounts), you need to provide the respective account id.


If you attempt to retrieve data of any deleted customer after a successful PII deletion, you will receive the following response:

"message": "Customer is deleted after PII delete request"

API endpoint


Query parameters

(Parameters marked with * are mandatory)
source*Enum [INSTORE, MARTJACK, WECHAT, LINE, ALL]Specifies the source of the customer details to be retrieved.
accountIdStringUnique identifier for the account.
embedArray of StringDetails to include in the response. Supported values: points, subscriptions, mlp, userGroup, gapDetails, promotionalPoints, expirySchedules, expiredPoints, customerImage, 'returnedPoints, 'associatedImages.

Note: The associated images parameter retrieves the barcode image details associated with the customer.
includedAllUserGroup2Boolean (false)Pass true to see the customer details in all user groups.
userGroup2IdLongUnique ID of the user group to fetch customer details from.
includedUserGroup2LoyaltyDetailsBoolean (false)Pass true to include loyalty details of user groups.
includedFraudDetailsBoolean (false)Pass true to include fraud details of the customer in the response.
includedOnlyCurrentProfileBoolean (false)Pass true to fetch details of the current source and hide information from other sources.
ug2JoinedStartDateDateTimeStart date for filtering customers who joined user groups.
ug2JoinedEndDateDateTimeEnd date for filtering customers who joined user groups.
ug2OffsetIntegerSpecifies the offset for pagination of user group results.
ug2LimitIntegerSets the maximum number of results to retrieve per page for user groups.
ug2SortByString (JoinedDate)Specifies the field by which the user group results should be sorted.
ug2SortOrderEnum [ASC, DESC] (DESC)Specifies the sorting order for the user group results.
ug2PaginationDetailsBooleanPass true to include pagination details for user groups.

Response parameters

(Parameters marked with * are mandatory)
id*Unique identifier for the customer.
profilesList of customer profiles containing various details such as name, attribution, identifiers, communication channels, source, etc.
loyaltyInfoInformation related to the customer's loyalty, including loyalty type, attribution, and lifetime purchases.
segmentsPlaceholder for customer segments information.
associatedWithCode identifying the association of the customer (e.g., till code).
ug2PaginationPagination details for user group results related to the customer.
extendedFieldsAdditional extended fields associated with the customer, such as city and gender.
cardDetailsDetails of the card owned by the customer, including card ID, issued date, expiry date, series information, status, and more.
warningsList of warnings related to the response.
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