Update Customer Details

Lets you update customer details using the registered identifiers of the customer.

Request Body Parameters

loyaltyTypeenumLoyalty status of the customer. Value: loyalty, non_loyalty.
commChannelsobjCommunication channels of the customer.
typeenumType of the communication channel. Value: mobile, email, wechat, ios, android, line, mobilePush.
valuestringBased on the channel type enter the channel value. Example, mobile number is the value for type:mobile, firebase token for type:mobilePush. mobilePush is supported for sources mobile_app, Instore, Martjack, Ecommerce, and Website
primarybooleanWhether the current identifier is the primary identifier of the customer (primary identifier as per the org's configuration).
lastViewedDatedateDate when the customer recently opened the app. Applicable for the channel 'mobilePush'.
verifiedbooleanWhether the current identifier is verified or not. For example, through OTP.
profilesobjProfile information of the customer.
metaobjAdditional information of the identifier.
FirstnamestringFirst name of the customer.
LastnamestringLast name of the customer.
identifiersobjIdentifiers of the customer that you want to add in type and value. Supported types: mobile, email, externalId, wechat,martjackId, fbId mobile, tmall_uname, cuid, ali_uname, jd_uname, vip_uname, and line.
profilesfieldsCustom field details (only that configured for the organization)
extendedFieldsobjExtended field details of the customer in key:value pairs. You can only pass extended fields that are enabled for your org with the respective datatypes for values.
fieldsobjCustom field details of the customer in key:value pairs.
loyaltyProgramEnrollmentsobjLets you enroll new customers in the loyalty program.
programIdintUnique ID of the loyalty program in which you want to enroll. You cannot update details if the customer is already enrolled in the loyalty program.
tierNumberintSequence number of the tier that you want to allocate to the customer. For example, 1 for the lower tier, 2 for the next tier, and so on.
loyaltyPointsintLoyalty points to credit in customer's account.
tierExpiryDatedate-timeExpiry date and time of the specified tier. Supported Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+/-(time-zone).
pointsExpiryDatedate-timeExpiry date and time of the points issued. Supported Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+/-(time-zone).
Parameters marked with * are mandatory.
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