Create Event (Custom)

Lets you create a new behavioral event.

Request Body Parameters

eventName*stringName of the event.
actions*enumDestination of the event. Values: EMFConsumer for EMF related events: Loyalty, DVS, and Communication, EIConsumer for Essential Insights.
descriptionstringShort description for the event.
fieldsobjConfigure fields for the current event with attributes: name, type, and value. The various attributes available are:
-addCustomerIfNotExists - Adds the customer if the customer does not exist.
-isRequired - Marks the attribute as mandatory
-isUniqueKeyField - Includes the attribute, to the unique key. Once defined as a unique key field, this attribute becomes mandatory and needs to be marked as isRequired. By default, customer identifier and event name are already part of the unique key.
namestringSpecify the name of the field.
typeenumSpecify the type of the attribute. Values: tillCode, couponCode, customer, productSku, productBrand, productCategory, string, double.
addCustomerIfNotExistsobjSet this value to true to allow registering new customers in to the loyalty program automatically
valueTypeenumData-type of the attribute. For example, Boolean, Enum, String.
valuestringValue of the attribute based on its valueType.For example, if valueType is Boolean, value could be either true or false.
identifierTypeObjectSpecify the identifier type and its value
valueStringSupported values: userId, mobile, email, externalId, wechat, martjackId, cuid, fbid, unionId, fcmToken, line, cardnumber, cardExternalId
valueTypeStringValue for the identifier type
All parameters marked by * are mandatory.

For information on event uniqueness check, see Event uniqueness check.

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