Get Customer Events

Retrieves the details of all events of a specific customer.

Query parameter

userIdUnique ID of the customer whose events need to be fetched.

Response parameter

dataA list of event details.
orgIdThe organization's identification number.
userIdThe user's identification number.
dateThe date and time when the event occurred.
eventNameName of the event.
eventIdUnique identifier for the event.
sourceSource from which the event originated.
tillCodeCode of the till where the event took place.
additonalAttributesAdditional details associated with the event.
accountidAccount identification.
autoUpdateTimeStampTime when the event was automatically updated.
brandname/brandName of the brand.
browsername/browser_nameName of the browser where the event took place.
cartid/cartrefkeyUnique identifier for the cart.
categoryname/categoryCategory under which the product/event falls.
cityCity where the event took place.
countryCountry where the event took place.
deviceType of device used during the event.
idUnique identifier.
ipIP address from which the event originated.
locationnameName of the location where the event took place.
osname/os_nameName of the operating system.
pageurl/page_urlURL of the page where the event occurred.
productname/nameName of the product.
regionRegion where the event took place.
tillTill details.
variantVariant details of the product.
warningsA list of warnings related to the response.
errorsA list of errors related to the response.
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