Get event data

Retrieves details of a specific events.


For detailed information about our APIs and for hands-on testing, refer documentation in API overview and step-by-step guide on making your first API call in Make your first API call .


API endpoint example

Query parameter

Parameter NameDescription
idId of the event.

Response parameter

Parameter NameDescription
eventIdUnique identifier for the event.
eventNameName of the event.
actionsList of actions associated with the event.
fieldsList of fields associated with the event.
orgIdOrganization ID.
statusStatus of the event.
testStatusTest status of the event.
labelLabel of the event.
descriptionDescription of the event.
dateDate associated with the event.
standardEventBoolean indicating if the event is a standard event.
fields (within clickEventsMeta)
nameName of the field.
typeType of the field.
attributesAttributes associated with the field.
attributes (within fields)
accountIdType of account ID.
addCustomerIfNotExistsBoolean indicating if a customer should be added if they don't exist.
identifierTypeType of identifier.
isRequiredBoolean indicating if the field is required.
sourceSource of the field.
regexRegular expression associated with the field.
isPsiDataIndicates if the custom field is sensitive data. Refer to the PSI data documentation for more information on classifying PSI data.
defaultTransformerMappingDefault transformer mapping.
webEngageTransformerMappingWebEngage transformer mapping.
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