Meta search

This page provides you with information on APIs that enables you to perform search.


There is no UI to create a search criteria. Create a JIRA ticket to the sustenenace team for creating search criteria.

These APIs enable you to search real-time and historical transactional data using a combination of keywords. This feature facilitates search creation across standard, custom, and extended fields, and supports data types such as string, number, string, and date (epoch). You can set up search criteria for a maximum of 10 fields.

Using search to assign loyalty points

When you search a transaction using the defined search criteria, it retrieves the transaction ID. You can use this to fetch further details and can help you to assign loyalty points for Not-interested transaction transactions.



A delay of 2 hours can be expected for real-time data.

Data retention policy

You can define the rolling window time period of the data that needs to be indexed in days format. In a rolling window, the data retention period is in days and not fixed to specific calendar dates.
For instance, if you set a data retention time of 30 days and create search criteria on the 30th of a month, the system will index data from the 1st to the 30th day. If any new data is added on the 31st day after the search criteria creation, the rolling window will automatically adjust, and the system will fetch data from the 2nd to the 31st day.