Retrieve transaction request status

Allows you to retrieve transaction request status of a particular request.

API endpoint

curl: https://{host}/v2/requests/{id}

Request status details

ActionRequest statusTransaction status in Member care /
Customer / Tag transaction
Capillary receives a transaction requestPENDINGPENDING
Capillary rejects transaction requestREJECTEDREJECTED
Capillary approves transaction requestSUCCESSSUCCESS
Transaction request failedFAILUREFAILURE

Response parameters

typeThe type of the transaction, in this case, "TRANSACTION."
baseTypeThe base type of the transaction, in this case, "REGULAR_TXN_ADD."
statusThe status of the transaction, e.g., "PENDING."
transactionContains details about the transaction, including delivery status, type, billing date, bill amount, etc.
imagesAn array of objects representing images related to the transaction.
customerContains information about the customer, including their ID, profiles, identifiers, etc.
attributionContains attribution details related to the transaction, such as createDate, createdBy, etc.
idThe unique request identifier for the transaction.
addedOnThe date and time when the transaction was added.
userIdThe unique identifier for the user associated with the transaction.
commentsAdditional comments or notes related to the transaction, e.g., "Test."
oneStepA boolean indicating whether the transaction involves a one-step process.
warningsAn array that may contain any warnings related to the operation, if applicable.
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