Update transaction request

This API allows you to update transaction requests.

API endpoint

curl: `https://{host}/v2/requests

Request body parameters


This API is to update transaction request only. For updating regular transaction, see Update regular transaction API.

You can update the request to the below statuses:

  • APPROVED - To approve the status.
  • REJECTED - To reject the status.
  • CUSTOM - This can be used as an interim status.
typeStringThe type of the transaction, in this case, "TRANSACTION."
baseTypeStringThe base type of the transaction, in this case, "REGULAR_TXN_ADD."
idNumberThe unique identifier for the transaction, e.g., 1031558.
statusStringThe status of the transaction, e.g., "APPROVED", "REJECTED" or "CUSTOM"
commentsStringAdditional comments or notes related to the transaction, e.g., "Test."


You cannot approve a status that is in REJECTED status. To approve a request that is rejected, change the status to PENDING and then change it to APPROVED.

Response parameters

entityIdTransaction request id.
warningsDisplays the warning message
resultIndicates whether the update was successful. True-No error, False-error.
totalCountTotal requests updated
failureCountTotal update requests failed
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