This guide provides an overview about Capillary's Android SDK.

Capillary SDK enables you with essential analytics capabilities and helps you engage better with your users through events tracking, push notifications and a notification center.


  • Android SDK version V21 or above
  • targetSdkVersion 33
  • compileSdkVersion 33
  • Google Firebase account

Android SDK Size

SDK librarySize
hydra-core-1.0.1258 KB
hydra-firebase-1.0.126 KB
hydra-pushbase-1.0.183 KB

To integrate your mobile apps with Capillary Android SDK, perform the below steps:

  1. Configure Firebase and gateway - Capillary mobile apps team
  2. Set up source account - CSM/ Project Manager of the project
  3. Install the SDK -
  4. Initialise the SDK
  5. Set up events tracking
  6. Configure push notification