At Capillary, we offer AI-based cloud-native SaaS products and solutions such as automated loyalty management and consumer data platform. Our diverse product range enables you to manage end-to-end loyalty programs, gain a comprehensive view of your consumers, and offer unified, cross-channel strategies that provide consumers with real-time, omnichannel, personalized, and consistent experience.

  • Loyalty+ - Lets you increase repeat sales with personalized, omnichannel loyalty programs by intelligently rewarding your customers for desired behavior. Know more details.
  • Engage+ - This allows you to personalize customer engagement with omnichannel retail marketing solutions.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): An effective platform to ingest data from different sources and platforms. There are several products to help capture brand data from different sources. Know more details.
  • Insights+ - Provides you with profitable insights with AI-powered customer analytics. Know more details.
  • Smart Store+ - Lets you maximize conversions using personalized in-store experiences.
  • Anywhere Commerce+ - Offers a connected experience with enterprise-ready omnichannel e-commerce solutions. Know more details.