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Last week we told you about the magic of migration charts. This week, we’re making every retention marketer’s dream come true: the dream of increasing your conversion & retention rates.

All of that will now be done with: Funnel Charts!

Funnel charts are a way for you to visualise your customers and how they move through a specific sequence of actions toward a sale. They are invaluable when trying to build more loyal customers and improve conversion. With funnel charts, you get a clear visualisation of:

  • Conversions at every step
  • Immediate reflection of unusual conversion drops
  • Directions on which parts of the funnel need more work

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Improving conversions with funnel charts 📊

Understanding where customers are dropping off helps you improve customer experience, retention, and conversion. The sharpest decline in funnel size indicates that’s the bottleneck that needs to be tackled.

Each step can have multiple indicators of spaces for improvement. Eg:
➡ Sharp decline at second stage:could be attributed to various reasons like broken links, poor email deliverability, server problem, etc.
➡ Sharp decline at last step: could be because of a poor experience, a slow site, unexpected costs, or other factors.

Some of the most common funnel charts are built around:
➡ Email promotion funnels
➡ Website purchase funnels
➡ Ad campaign funnels

But the beauty of these charts is that these can be configured for any sequence of events!

Getting this visual insight into any funnel gives you the edge your competitors are only still dreaming about. Ready to live the dream? See how you can set it up all by yourself here, or speak to your Capillary partners to get you going.

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Date: 23 NOVEMBER 2022